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Bainum Family Foundation teacher coachees

Columbia Union School Leaders Selected for Innovative Coaching Program

In mid-July, the Bainum Family Foundation and NYC Leadership Academy launched the Advancement of Christian Education (ACE) Academy Leadership Coaching Program, a two-year intensive program in the Columbia Union Conference designed to help 20 school administrators maximize their impact and better serve students.

Amanda Rodriguez

The Product of Purpose

Human trafficking is believed to be the third-largest criminal activity in the world, and has no demographic restrictions, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. “There are horrific stories,” said attorney Amanda Rodriguez. “But [it’s inspiring] to see the strength of survivors. It’s made my faith stronger. ... I know this is my purpose and I know God has led me on this path.”

ACS volunteers on Hawaii's Big Island serve the displaced breakfast

Adventists Help in Volcanic Eruption Aftermath in Hawaii

Since May 3, more than 600 houses have been destroyed by the Kilauea volcano eruption on the Island of Hawaii (known as the “Big Island”). Thousands of residents have evacuated their homes. Adventists in Hawaii and the mainland are helping families in need. On Big Island, meals are being prepared, and churches have been used as shelter. ACS DR is currently working with FEMA and the Red Cross at one shelter; Adventists are also volunteering at another shelter in Pahoa dubbed “The Hub.”

Isaac and Christian Martin, Denver South church

Congolese Refugee Family Joins Colorado Church

Isaac, born Dyirengiro Amini Byiringiro, and his family had to flee their home in the People's Republic of the Congo when he was just 5 years old. Isaac, his parents, and sisters moved into a Rwandan refugee camp, where they’d live for 20 years. In the refugee camp, Isaac and his extended family discovered an Adventist church and began attending each Sabbath. Soon, the majority of the family were baptized into the faith. After the decades of life spent as refugees in Rwanda, Isaac and his family were able to immigrate to the United States and settle in the Denver, Colorado, area.

How Many Stars stars and earth photo

How Many Stars

A new short film, How Many Stars, from The John 10:10 Project, helps us to understand God’s extravagance when He promised to multiply Abraham’s descendants as the stars, as well as Abraham’s faith in believing God before he had any children. How Many Stars masterfully helps even those who are math-challenged to grasp something of the scale represented by numbers made up with many zeros.

Guatemala volcano ash blocks road, ADRA Canada photo

ADRA Canada Responds to Volcano Aftermath in Guatemala

On June 3, 2018 the Fuego Volcano (Volcano of Fire) in Guatemala erupted, causing large amounts of destruction to the surrounding communities. This catastrophe has affected the lives of almost two million people; 112 people have died and 198 are still missing.

“Coming from a place of love and care can best help you address the topic of thoughts of suicide or feelings of depression or anxiety,” says Dr. Melissa J. Pereau, medical director of Loma Linda University Behavioral Medicine Center.

How to Conduct Effective, Helpful Conversations About Suicide and Mental Illness

On a daily basis, Dr. Melissa J. Pereau, medical director and psychiatrist at the Loma Linda University Behavioral Medicine Center, faces the realities of suicide and how the topic — and other topics around mental health — impacts nearly every community. Pereau sat down with Loma Linda University Health News to discuss mental health issues, including the benefits of seeking support.

LSU professor Lora Geriguis

La Sierra University Professor Reveals Impact of 17th Century Female Scientist

A La Sierra University professor’s research uncovering the impact of a 17th century duchess on England’s nascent scientific discourse is being illuminated through publication, presentation, and a new class for students.

SWAU Fort Worth film festival recognition

Southwestern Adventist University Films Selected for Festivals

Southwestern Adventist University’s Communication Department is proud to announce that the film project, Truth, was selected to be shown at the Fort Worth FotoFest Film Festival this weekend. About 20 faculty and students, with faculty sponsor and professor Kyle Portbury, were able to attend the Festival held at the Omni IMAX at the Museum of Science in Fort Worth. Several of the students attending voiced the characters in the animated short film.

Adventist Community Services GW clothing shopper

Local Adventist Community Services Center Celebrates 35 Years

On June 20, 2018, Adventist Community Services of Greater Washington (ACSGW) joined Montgomery County leaders, local Seventh-day Adventist church pastors and other leaders to celebrate community service center's 35th anniversary. The gathering, hosted by the Adventist Church world headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland, also raised awareness of the rapidly expanding social/economic challenges of east Montgomery County.